How to Win the Nancy Drew Fox & Geese Game

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

Something strange is happening at the Icicle Creek Lodge and it is up to inquisitive detective Nancy Drew to solve the case in “Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek” for the Nintendo Wii and PC. The game features clues to find, suspects to interrogate and puzzles to solve. One such puzzle is the Fox and Geese game, a variation on Chinese checkers where you must use marbles to trap a token in each of the four corners of the game board.

Speak with Bill Kessler on the first floor of the lodge to start the game. Select “I'm going to replace the fox with my pig” from the dialogue options. You must use the pig piece to proceed after winning the game.

Look at the board layout. The board is shaped like a cross with 33 spaces. There are 15 marbles with geese on the board and one marble with a pig on the center space of the board.

Move the third marble from the left on the third row one space down. Move the fourth marble in the same row one space down. Move the fifth marble down one space.

Take each of the three marbles from the second row and move them down one space. Repeat with the top row of three marbles.

Move the second marble from the left of the third row and the second marble from the right of the third row down two spaces each.

Move the first and last marble on the fourth row down one space. The pig marble will be on the bottom three rows of the board.

Move the center three marbles of the second, third and fourth rows down, one row at a time starting with the fourth row, until the pig marble is trapped at the bottom. This will win the game.

Speak with Kessler to play another game.

Ignore the pig marble and move the geese marbles so they are 90 degrees clockwise from their starting point. The far right three columns will be filled with marbles and the top and bottom space of the fourth column from the right will have marbles.

Shift the marbles from the right to the left of the board to trap the pig on the far left corner.

Repeat two more times, shifting 90 degrees each time to corner the pig in each corner and win the game.


You can repeat the game as many times as possible without penalty. Practice a few times with your strategy to win the game quickly.