How to Watch Netflix Movies Directly From the Site on Your TV

By Chris Hollingsworth

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • TV screen with DVI input

  • DVI cable

  • Computer or another Netflix streaming device

  • Internet connection (LAN or wireless as appropriate to the device)

Streaming films to home computers and television becomes more prominent in home entertainment every year.
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Since internet streaming of movies and television has grown in accessibility and public interest, so has interest in watching this content on a home TV. Netflix has provided several options to utilize their service in this capacity, but knowing which method works best for you depends on what technology you have at your disposal. In some cases you'll have access to streaming via TV through multiple devices, and from there, the choice merely becomes which alternative you prefer.

Connect your TV to your chosen device. Connect either side of a DVI cable to your TV and then your computer. Alternatively, connect your TV to another Netflix streaming device, which includes the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 gaming consoles, as well as certain Blu-ray players. Note that in order to stream on the PS3 or the Wii, you must request a streaming disc from the Netflix site, which will be delivered free of charge.

Check your input. Pull up your TV menu and browse through your inputs to locate where your computer, or alternative device, is connected. Usually inputs are labeled--DVI, Component, etc. Ensure that your device is on and that you can see it displayed on the screen. If its display does not appear, recheck your connections.

If you are using a laptop and notice that your computer's wallpaper is on display but none of the icons, you have a dual-window setup. You will have to drag programs like your browser from one window to the next so they will display on the screen. If you'd prefer, go to your system preferences under Display and change your window options to one-on-one. Then your laptop screen will be mimicked exactly on your TV.

Connect to your network. Your chosen device must be able to access an internet connection, so either attach the device to a LAN line or through wireless if it has the capability.

Open Netflix. For a computer, open an internet browser and enter the website, then log into your account. For the PS3 or Wii console, insert the Netflix streaming disc and enter the Netflix window when it appears. On other Netflix-ready devices, locate the Netflix window on your menu screen. In both cases, log into your account as well. In the case of every streaming device, an activation code will be displayed that you must enter via computer on the Netflix website to complete the process.

Select a movie. Choose either from your queue or from a general search. When using the computer, select the full screen icon at the bottom right of the movie's window so that the image adjusts to your TV's size. Streaming devices will makes the adjustment automatically.