How to Print Memorex CD Labels

By Alexander Abbott

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Printer

  • Memorex CD labels

Print your own custom Memorex CD labels
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If you burn your own audio or data CDs, you may have a desire to design and print your own custom CD labels. Custom CD labels are ideal for adding professional-looking computer graphics and text to your CDs. Memorex is a well-known company that produces a variety of CD and DVD labeling products. The company's glossy and matte finish CD labels are available for both inkjet and laser printers and will allow you to print high-quality labels for all of your CD projects.

How to Print Memorex CD Labels

Turn on your computer and open a graphic design or CD labeling program. If you do not already have a program of this type installed on your computer, download a program such as Adobe Photoshop, Neato MediaFACE, or Memorex LabelMaker and follow the instructions for installing the application. Download a free trial version of one of these programs or purchase the full version online.

Download the Memorex CD label template corresponding to the paper label templates that you have chosen. Use a website such as to download the software template for your Memorex CD label. Search for the template you need by entering label dimensions or the product code associated with your paper CD label templates. Look for the product code or template name on the outside of the label packaging.

Design the CD label using images, patterns, text and other elements. Colors may look darker, brighter or more saturated on a computer screen as opposed to when they are printed on paper labels.

Insert the Memorex CD labels into your printer. Make sure that the label sheets are oriented correctly in your printer before printing.

Select the "Print" option from the File menu of the graphic design or label creation program that you are using. Use the "Page Setup" menu or the "Preferences" menu within the program to adjust the print settings to ensure high print quality, color brightness and paper orientation. If available, choose the options for photo printing if you are printing on high-gloss Memorex label templates. Consult the user manual for your specific printer for more detailed instructions on adjusting printing parameters.


Print you label designs on a plain piece of paper as a test before you print them onto label templates.


Do not touch your CD labels for at least three minutes after printing to avoid smudging.