How to Create a Secure Blog on a Website

by Andrea NicoleUpdated September 15, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Existing website

  • Computer

  • Internet access

A blog is an online web log that allows you to post entries that will be displayed in reverse chronological order. A well-written blog will add fresh content to your static website as well as a conversational voice. It will allow readers to interact with you and others if you allow comments and this increases the dynamism of your site. Blogs are a great place to post news, product updates and stories about your topic or the industry in which you operate.

Choose the content management system you would like to use for your blog. Popular blogging platforms include Wordpress, Movable Type, Blogger and Typepad.

Download the blog software and/or create an account with your chosen blog service. Your password is what will make your blog secure so that no one else can edit the blog. Ensure you choose a good password and keep it in a safe place.

Create a new directory on your server ( or a subdomain ( This is where your blog will live on your website's server. You can arrange this with your hosting provider.

Install the blog onto your server by following the instructions on the blog website. Your blog should point to the directory or subdomain you created.

Log in to your blog to create posts, configure and edit your website's blog.


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