How to Use an XBox Mic on the Computer

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

The Microsoft Xbox 360 contains a number of accessories, including microphones. However, the most widely used microphone for the Xbox 360 is the one that comes in the Xbox Live headset. This headset comes with many Xbox Live sets and Xbox controllers. If you wish to connect this microphone to your personal computer, you can do so by using a wired Xbox controller as an intermediary.

Connect your Xbox headset to the port on the bottom of the Xbox 360 controller.

Connect the USB cable connected to your Xbox controller to an available USB port on your PC. Since you are connecting a Microsoft product to a PC using a Microsoft operating system, the PC will recognize the device.

Set the headset microphone up as your default mic by selecting the "Control Panel" option in the Start menu, then selecting the "Speech Recognition" option. This menu will present an option for you to set up your microphone.