How to Reset an iHome Clock

By Chad Buleen

Updated September 28, 2017

An iHome clock features a clock, an alarm and a dock on which you can charge your iPod or iPhone. Connecting your iPod or iPhone to the device also allows you to play the songs on your device through the iHome clock stereo's speakers. If you find that the iHome clock's functions seem not to work properly or you need to change the time, you can reset the iHome clock.

Reset Entire iHome Clock Unit

Lift up on the iPod to remove it from the dock.

Unplug the iHome clock from the power source.

Remove the unit's back-up batteries. Wait one hour.

Re-install the batteries and plug the device back in.

Reset iHome Clock Only

Press and hold the "Time Zone" button. The display will flash.

Turn the "Set Wheel" until your time zone is selected.

Press the "Time Zone" button again. You have now reset an iHome clock.