How to Copy a Text Message to Email

By Kenyonda Bradley

Updated September 28, 2017

Copying a text message to your email is easy with an Internet capable phone.
i businessman and a cell-phone image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

Copying a text message to send to an email is easy to accomplish with an Internet capable mobile phone. With the evolution of smartphones, texting and sending emails has become the norm. Many people choose to text rather than to call someone because it is discrete versus holding a conversation over the phone, in a crowded room. In some instances, you may want to forward your text message conversation to your email. If this is the case, then understanding how to copy your text messages to your email will come in handy.

Locate your “Messaging” folder or application on your phone’s home screen.

Open the messaging conversation that you would like to email.

Press the “Menu” key located on your phone to pull up the “Options” menu. Scroll through the menu until you reach “Select.” Select that option.

Select the text that you wish to copy by highlighting it with the use of your arrow keys or trackball on your phone.

Press the “Menu” key and scroll through the “Options” menu until you reach “Copy.” Select that choice.

Return to your home screen and select “Mail” followed by “Compose Email.” Depending upon the model of your phone, the wording may be different.

Enter the recipients email address in the appropriate fields. Press the “Menu” button to pull up the “Options” Menu. Scroll through the menu until you reach “Paste.” Select that option. Paste the conversation into the message body of the email.

Click “Send” to transmit the email.