How to Attach a File in a Word Document

by Foye RobinsonUpdated September 28, 2017
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According to Microsoft, "The Insert File command has been renamed Text from File" in Word 2007. When you attach a file into a Word document, the contents of the file are displayed within Word, and the file blends in with the rest of your document. You can choose to link to the attached file to apply any modifications from the file to your Word document. If you link to an attached file, its contents will be shaded in gray, but the shading will not appear when the document is printed.

Open the Word document where the file will be inserted.

Select “Insert” and “Object” from the Ribbon. Then click on "Text from File" to open the "Insert File" dialog box.

Find and select the file you wish to attach. Then click on the arrow beside “Insert” and choose "Insert as Link" to link to the attached file. To attach the file without linking to it, click the "Insert" button instead. The file will be inserted.


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