How to Connect an iPhone to a Router

by Andrew ToddUpdated September 28, 2017
wlan router 02 image by PM Photo from Fotolia.com

In addition to your cell phone provider’s data network, the iPhone can access the Internet by connecting to your wireless router. Often, connecting to your wireless router will increase Internet speeds and load times. Additionally, you will avoid any data charges, if you not have an unlimited data plan. Once you have connected to a wireless router once, you will not need to setup the connection again, as the iPhone will automatically connect.

Touch the "Settings" icon on your iPhone to access the phone settings.

Touch “Wi-Fi” to open the Wi-Fi settings. When the Wi-Fi settings are loading, the iPhone will automatically search for surrounding wireless routers to join.

Touch the name of the network that you would like to join from the list of networks under the label “Choose a Network.”

Enter the network key or password if the network requires one, then click “Connect” to join the network.

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