How to Print JPEG Photos to Poster Size

By Christina Shaffer

Updated September 22, 2017

Photographs can define and document your fondest memories. But for some people, a standard-sized print cannot sufficiently convey those memories. With a little research and a few clicks of your computer mouse, you can easily turn your favorite digital image into a full-size poster.

Film and Photo Developing Store

Choose the JPEG file you want to use for your poster image.

Go to “Start,” click on “All Programs” and open “Windows Photo Gallery.” You will need to transfer your JPEG to a blank CD-R. Click on the “File” tab and import the folder containing your desired image file.

After you import the folder, your images will be displayed in the main program screen. Click on your desired picture. Next, click the “Burn” tab and select the “Data Disc” option.

Insert a blank CD-R into your computer’s disc drive. When the “Burn a Disc” menu appears, enter a “title” for your CD. Click “Next.” The program will format your CD and automatically transfer your JPEG to the disc.

Place your CD in a jewel case for safety. Using a marker, label your CD with a brief title or description.

Find a local store that offers poster-printing services. You can locate a store by using the phone book’s yellow pages section or search for a local company online.

Take the CD to your chosen photo printing company. Talk to a store employee and decide on the poster size you want. You can select from multiple poster dimensions. Next, choose a specific poster material, such as glossy, matte or semi-glossy.

Pay for your purchase. Depending on the store you choose, your poster should processed within a few business days.

Create your Poster Online

Decide which JPEG you want to convert to a poster.

Choose a web-based company that specializes in creating posters from digital files.

Select the JPEG you want to use for your future poster by clicking the “Upload” button.

Select the product material for your poster by choosing a specific paper material, such as glossy or matte finish.

Determine your desired poster dimensions. Depending on the location you are planning to hang your poster, you can gauge what poster size you need. Select the checkbox next to your desired poster size.

Select the quantity of posters you would like to print and click the “Checkout” button.

Enter your billing and payment information in the order summary. Most websites accept major credit cards. When you are finished entering your billing information, click the “Place Your Order” button.