How to Burn Games to Your Xbox360

By Kassie Kleifgen

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox 360 console

  • Xbox 360 controller

  • Xbox 360 game

After a few incidents in which Xbox 360 broke down due to the amount of work it has to do to read a disk, gamers started burning their games to their external hard drives, or the Xbox 360 internal hard drive. The Xbox 360 internal hard drive is built into the Xbox, and it is the only place to save anything to the original Xbox 360. A hard drive or memory stick can be purchased separately, which also has the ability to burn games and save them. After the game is burned to the Xbox 360, you will still need the disk to run the game. The console won't read the disk; rather, it will read the burned copy on the Xbox.

Turn on your Xbox 360 and let it load to the main screen. Turn on your Xbox 360 controller. Open up the disk drive on the Xbox and put in the game you want to burn to your Xbox.

Go to the "Game Library" section on the main screen using the left joystick and press "select," the green button on the controller. Your recently played games should appear in the next screen, including the game that is in your disk drive.

Click "select" on the game you want to burn to your Xbox 360 and wait for the next screen to load. The next screen will give you a selection of things to do with that game.

Scroll down to the section that says "install to hard drive" and push the "select" button. Wait while the game burns onto your Xbox. If you have more than one saving device on your Xbox 360, such as an external hard drive, or a memory card, a screen will pop up asking which device you want to save it too. Highlight the device you want and push the "select" button.

Go to the game library after the game has completely loaded and select the game you just burned to your Xbox 360. When the options screen comes up, select "play game" and the game will automatically start from the Xbox 360 hard drive.