How to Download Music From YouTube on to a CD

by Alexis LawrenceUpdated September 28, 2017
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While YouTube may contain its fair share of movie and TV show clips, it also offers a wide variety of original material, including some independent music clips. Some of those indie songs that you discover on YouTube can’t be downloaded anywhere, so if you want a copy of the song to burn to a CD, you must download the music from the YouTube clip. Once you download the music in MP3 format, you can burn the songs to a CD.

Download the YouTube Clip

Open YouTube in your web browser. Type the name of the video clip that contains the music you want to burn to a CD into the search box on the YouTube page and press “Enter.” Click the link of the video from the search results to go to that video clip’s page.

Right-click into the address bar and choose “Select All” so that the entire URL in the address bar appears highlighted. Right-click into the address bar again and choose “Copy.”

Go to a web page that can extract and download the music from YouTube clips. Pages that offer this function include TuneNabber, YouTube to MP3 and ListentoYouTube.

Put your mouse cursor into the box provided on the downloading web page and right-click. Select the “Paste” option to paste the video clip’s web address into the box and press “Enter.”

Download the audio file from the link that appears once the system has finished processing the download. When you click on the link, select “Save As,” type in a name for the clip and choose a folder to save it into on your computer.

Burn the Music to CD

Insert a blank CD-R into the CD drive of your computer. Launch any CD-burning program, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes. If you do not have a CD-burning application on your computer, you can download one for free at CNET.

Create a playlist for the CD in the CD-burning application. In Windows Media Player, create a playlist by going to “Library>List>Burn List,” and then dragging songs from the folders in the “Contents” pane to the “List” pane. In iTunes, go to “File>New Playlist,” click the “Library” icon in the left-hand pane and drag songs from the folders into the left pane to the playlist on the right. In most other CD-burning programs, create the playlist by clicking “Add Files” or “Add Songs,” finding the music you downloaded from YouTube in the window that comes up and double-clicking each song you want to add.

Press the “Start Burn” or “Burn CD” button in the CD-burning application to burn the music that you downloaded from YouTube onto the disc.


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