How Can I Make Banner Size Letters?

By Dave Hallier

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Word processing program

  • Printer

You can buy a banner for a holiday party or other special occasion at a party supply store, but you are limited to the wording the supplier provides. If you want to congratulate someone by name or include a date on a banner, you can easily create your own. Some newer word processing programs include a banner template, but almost any word processing program and any printer will print banner-size letters.

Open a word processing program and create a new blank document.

Set the font size to 500. The font-size drop-down box won’t give you the option for such a large font, but you can type “500” directly into the box.

Set the text to be center-aligned. This will cause each letter to be centered on its own page.

Select the color to be used for most of the letters. You can change the color for individual letters later if you desire.

Set the margins in Page Setup to the minimum allowed for your printer.

Type the first letter of your banner and press Enter. Type each succeeding letter, pressing Enter after each letter. This will cause each letter to print on a single piece of paper.

Preview your letters using Print Preview to see how the banner-size letters fit on each page. Exit Print Preview to make adjustments.

Select all characters and make adjustments as necessary to create the largest banner-size letters you can without making any letters exceed the page-size limits. Experiment with font, font size, bold, unbold, uppercase, lowercase and bottom margin to find the optimum-size your printer will accommodate. Use Print Preview after each change to see what further adjustments need to be made.

Print your letters when you are satisfied with the appearance.

Tape or string the pages together to create a banner. To allow space between words, either insert a blank page between words or leave a gap along the string.


If you are using an inkjet printer, check the ink levels before you begin. These letters will use a lot of ink, and low ink levels may cause noticeable stripes. Use thick paper or photo-quality paper. The large amount of ink or toner on each page may cause it to wrinkle.