How to Convert WMA to MP3 With Wavelab

by Candace HorganUpdated September 22, 2017
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WaveLab is a professional audio editing and mastering program from Steinberg that is used to polish sound files before creating a CD. WaveLab has a powerful set of tools, including compressors, limiters and noise reducers, and includes support for most common audio formats, including high-resolution WAV files. WaveLab also supports lossy compression formats like MP3 and WMA, and can easily convert sound files from one format to another.

Click "File > Open" from the WaveLab tool menu. Browse to the location of the WMA file, click it once, then click "Open" to import the file into Wavelab.

Click "File > Save Special" and choose "MP3" from the choices.

Choose the MP3 resolution from the listed choices. You can choose 128 kbps for standard mp3, or 256 or 320 kbps for high-resolution MP3.

Choose a folder to save the MP3 to from the file location field. When you click it, you also have the option to save a new folder.

Click "Save." WaveLab will create an MP3 from the original WMA file.

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