How to Change a PSP CPU Speed

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Changing the clock speeds on the PSP CPU can help fix problems during gaming.
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The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), like many other electronic devices, can have its CPU overclocked. This helps to speed up the PSP CPU or actually slow it down to conserve your PSP's battery power. Changing the clock speed for the CPU is actually very simple, and can be done on the fly without shutting down your PSP first, so long as your PSP is running custom firmware. The visual shell menu holds the CPU speed settings.

Turn on the Sony PSP and wait for the device to load into the PSP XMB, which is the operating system.

Press the "Home" button on the PSP. This is located underneath the LCD screen on the left side. The visual shell menu (VSH) will appear.

Select "CPU Clock Game," which changes the clock speed of the PSP only during gameplay. Press the "Right" directional button to scroll through the clock speeds.

Press the "Home" button again to verify your selection for the PSP CPU speed and return to the PSP main menu.


Make sure your PSP is running custom firmware. Sony's firmware does not allow you to change the PSP clock speed.