How to Return Netflix Movies

By John Papiewski

Updated September 22, 2017

Netflix movies arrive at your door in a special envelope that converts into a postage-paid return mailer. When you are finished watching a movie, you send it back to Netflix in the mailer. Netflix also accepts movie discs returned in a standard padded mailer should you lose the one in which it came.

With Netflix Envelope

Place Disc in Inner Sleeve

Slip the movie disc into the white inner sleeve in which it arrived.

Open Netflix Mailer

Fold the Netflix mailer open, revealing the inner pocket. Slide the video and sleeve into the pocket.

Tear on Dashed Line

Fold and tear along the dashed line marked Tear Here. The mailer has a short flap with a covered adhesive strip.

Seal the Mailer

Pull off the protective strip from the adhesive on the flap. Fold the flap over onto the right edge of the mailer to seal the DVD inside, then drop the mailer into your local mailbox.


Netflix mailers come postage-paid; there is no need to put a stamp on the mailer.

Without Netflix Envelope

Obtain a Mailer

Obtain a padded mailer large enough to accommodate a movie disc. Use a standard #0 mailer or larger for DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Place Disc in Inner Sleeve

Put the movie disc into its white sleeve.

Put Sleeve Into Mailer

Put the sleeved disc into the padded mailer.


The white inner sleeve has a bar code with your account information so when Netflix receives it they can update your account accordingly. If the inner sleeve is damaged or missing, include a note with the disc that gives your name and Netflix account email address.

Write Address on Mailer

Write the Netflix movie return address on the padded mailer as follows:

P.O. Box 49021
San Jose, California 95161-9959

Add Postage

Place enough postage on the padded mailer to pay for its return to Netflix by weighing it at your local post office.