How to Get the Mic in Metal Gear Solid 2

By Jarrett Melendez

Updated September 22, 2017

During Part Five of "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty," you'll be controlling Raiden and you'll need to find the Directional Microphone to help you locate Ames, the president's assistant. The Directional Microphone can detect very subtle noises and amplify them before sending the signals to your earpiece. This makes it a fairly useful tool, particularly when searching for Ames, who has an irregular heartbeat. The journey to the Directional Microphone is a bit long, but you'll find lots of ammunition and other equipment along the way to make it worth your while.

Complete the game up to the point in the story after you defeat Fatman and when you need to find Ames. Mr. X makes his first appearance after this battle and will give you an access card and a disguise, which you need to reach the room that holds the Directional Microphone.

Make your way to Shell One by backtracking through the Strut F Warehouse and over the EF Connecting Bridge. Once you get inside the building, make note of the uniforms and guns the guards carry. Equip the same equipment and make your way to the elevator.

Press the "Triangle" button once you reach the elevator and the security camera will scan you to check your equipment. If you didn't equip the uniform and gun, the alarm will sound. Enter the elevator and press the button for level "B2."

Exit this area through the door to the west and move down the corridor toward the southern part of the building. Enter the computer room and find the squawking parrot; you'll find the Directional Microphone near its cage.