Fun Account Games for Kids

By Sumiko Russell

Updated September 22, 2017

Online account games are safe and educational.
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With the hundreds of games available online, it's hard to distinguish which ones are best for kids. Setting up an account online for your child can make all the difference. Account games for kids are entertaining, educational and safe-- they allow you to monitor your child’s usage and activities on a daily basis.


Fantage is short for Fantastic Age and is a three-dimensional virtual world where kids can participate in online games and communicate with other children all around the world. Fantage offers a safe community with chat rooms that are monitored. For added security, Fantage also offers filtering technology to remove words that aren't appropriate for children to use. Fantage has been awarded with an Editor’s Choice award by the Children’s Technology Review and requires an account in order to use the website. There are three membership options starting at $5.99 per month.

Nourish Interactive

Nourish Interactive was created by health-care professionals to promote healthy living among children and their families. The account membership offers online games to teach the importance of nutrition and is offered in English and Spanish. One of the games, "Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure," teaches children about the food pyramid, food groups and healthy food choices. You can set up an account with Nourish Interactive at no charge.


Tootsville online is a virtual community that allows children to travel and discover magical destinations in their virtual community. Parents can monitor their child’s account and even purchase items in the marketplace for their child's games. Tootsville promotes healthy social skills by allowing children to build friendships while they play online games. Tootsville is monitored by moderators who can assist your child if needed. Tootsville offers three membership options starting at $5.95 per month.

Woogi World

Woogi World is a virtual world for children where they learn a variety of subjects such as math, music, nutrition, reading and science. Woogi World encourages online learning and promotes online safety as activities are monitored throughout the website, including the chat rooms. Parents can even review their child’s chat history at anytime online. A free account is available, but to participate in exclusive features, you must purchase a membership, starting at $6.95 per month.