How to Install a Ceiling Mount TV

By J. Anthony Cooley

Updated September 15, 2017

Items you will need

  • Ladder

  • Stud finder

  • Pencil

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Wrench or ratchet

This is a nice ceiling but you can't watch TV on it.
i painted ceiling image by thomas owen from

Mounting your TV to the ceiling is the ultimate way to maximize the benefits of owning a flat panel TV to save space in your house. The pivoting arm of a ceiling mount gives you the flexibility to angle your TV to suit different occasions, such as glare or furniture rearrangement. Mounting a TV to the ceiling isn't much more difficult than mounting a TV to a wall. The main difference is that you will need to perform many of the mounting steps on a ladder.

Position a ladder under the spot where you are going to mount your TV. Use a stud finder to find a ceiling beam. Move the stud finder around the beam, and outline the location of the beam with a pencil.

Unscrew the middle screw of the ceiling mount to detach the arm. This step will allow you to mount one end of the ceiling mount and connect the arm end to the TV, thus allowing you to reconnect the two ends later with ease.

Hold the mounting plate end of the mount over the beam that you outlined. Place the lag bolts that came with the ceiling mount through the mounting holes of the ceiling mount's mounting plate. Screw them into the beam with a wrench or ratchet.

Grasp the connecting arm portion of the ceiling mount and hold it to the back of the TV. The VESA holes of the mount should be aligned with the VESA holes of the TV. Insert the VESA screws through the mount into the TV. Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver. VESA refers to the distance between the TV mounting holes.

Position the TV to the mounted portion of the ceiling mount. Align the connection area. Fit the screw through each portion to unite the mount. Tighten the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Move the joints of the mount to position it to the angle at which you want to view your TV.