How to Win Franks Adventure 4

By Grahame Turner

Updated September 22, 2017

The Frank's Adventure games are not for children. These games follow the adventures of amateur photographer Frank as he scours the world for nude photos for various reasons. In Frank's Adventure 4, you have to find seven or eight pictures for the Nerdking of Weedsterdam, who is lonely. The game is relatively simple, evoking classic top-down adventure-style games, and mostly involves you finding the right items to exchange with the right characters.

Part 1

Load the game and start a new adventure. Use the arrow keys to navigate.

Go north and explore the maze until you locate the bucket and rope items. Leave the maze and head for the first screen.

Find Titbear, who hangs out south of the Airport. He gives you money and requests five Titbeers, and will let you keep the change. This is a good way to make $15. You should repeat this process a few times, because you will need about $1,000 to purchase everything in the game.

Go shopping: Find the used panty machine and purchase one. In the center of town, you'll find a girl selling tulips; buy set of pink, red and orange tulips from her. Also, buy heroin from the drug dealer on the west side of town.

Return to the maze north of where the game starts, and explore until you find the Mausland-faced man. His face looks like the Mausland logo, which you'll see when you load the game. When you speak to him, he'll talk of Van Gogh. Give him the heroin in exchange for the first nude pic.

Go to the airport. Don't try to travel with drugs; you will be stopped. Purchase a ticket and head to Glamourville.

Head southwest out of the airport until you find the Panda. He will ask you for the name of the professor in Frank's Adventure 3, which happens to be ZOCK. Tell him that to get another nude pic.

Head east to find Natsumi, and talk to her. She likes Glamourville, so show her the town likes her: head to Speedmaster, and pay him to write her name in the sky over where she stands (middle column, two from the bottom). When you return, she'll reward you with a new picture.

Continue east to the sewage plant, and fill your bucket with water.

Find the dock worker who wants some panties, and give him the pair you purchased. He'll give you frog eyes in return.

Continue past the shooting gallery until you find the carrot field. Water it with your poisoned water bucket, then speak to the farmer, who will give you a poisoned carrot.

Head for the Voodoo shop. Exchange the frog eyes for the invisibility potion.

Go to the shooting gallery, and play to get two or three pigs. You need to hit 70 percent of you targets, meaning you can only miss three times.

Go back to Dick's diner, located by the docks. Roast your pigs in the oven.

Go north of the screen with the Panda, to where you'll see a Bodyguard, who you can bribe with a roast pig. He'll let you pass and speak to Paris Milton. In exchange for your flowers, she'll give you a handbag.

Head back to Weedsterdam via the airport, and locate the kid with the hungry bunny. Poison it with the carrot, and he'll give you the cage.

Find the weed shop and buy 11 grams of weed.

Head east to find a girl who wants Paris Milton's handbag. Give it to her, and she'll give you another photo.

Head back to Glamourville through the airport, and use the invisibility potion to pass through airport security with your 11 grams of weed on you.

Head south to the bearded man, who will turn your rope and cage into a lobster cage.

Go back to the dock, next to the save floppy, and use the lobster cage to catch a lobster.

Travel east past Dick's diner, where you can exchange a gram of weed for a nude pic with a girl.

Go back to the football field and exchange the remaining 10 grams of weed for a football.

Trade the football for a ride in the limo, with a gentleman who's north of Paris Milton. While on the ride, look for a girl and shout "Hey Chica" at her. Return to that girl later and claim a nude pic.

Head east from the car driver to find Bill Clinton, with whom you can trade your lobster for a MicMac sandwich.

Part 2

Head back to Weedsterdam and go south from the maze entrance to find a girl who really wants a MicMac. Trade with her for the seventh nude pic.

Head toward the castle, which is buried deep in the maze. If you're playing the gold version of the game, listed under Resources, you will find a girl looking for a brain in the far east area of the maze.

Return to the king to give him the nude pics and win the game.


If you want to save your game, locate the Disk character in the southeast corner of the city. You'll find baseballs littered throughout Glamourville. There's a robot east of the farm who will pay you $4 for each one you find. South of him, people playing the gold version of the game will find the brain for the eighth photo.


You start the game with four lives, and lose one each time you're hit by a car. Avoid cars, because when you run out, it's game over.