How to Get to Celadon City on Game Boy Color Pokemon Yellow

by Ann LinUpdated September 22, 2017

"Pokemon Yellow" is a spin-off version of the original "Pokemon Red and Blue" Game Boy games. While the general gameplay is the same, "Pokemon Yellow" follows the cartoon's plot more closely than the other two versions. Trainers start with a Pikachu, much like Ash does in the Pokemon cartoon, and must battle villains such as Team Rocket throughout the game. However, the cities and locations, such as Celadon City, are exactly the same as locations in the "Pokemon Red and Blue" versions.

Head west from Lavender Town onto Route 8. Route 8 has 9 trainers for you to battle and new Pokemon in the grass for you to catch, such as Kadabra.

Go inside the Underground Path, located inside the building to the north of Route 8. Continue through and exit the path.

Head northwest to enter Celadon City.


You cannot pass through guards at the gates leading to Saffron City until later on in the game, when you give them a drink from the Celadon City department store.


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