How to Get Nitrous for Drag Racer V3

By HilaryPost

Updated September 22, 2017

Tune your racecar for high-speed dragging.
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The online game "Drag Racer V3" challenges you to tune a car so that it will run as fast as possible for short stretches of high-speed racing. The game eschews steering or passing in favor of rewarding the car with the fastest acceleration and highest top speed. One trick in your arsenal is the "Nitrous," a short hit of chemicals that will cause your car's engine to become briefly supercharged. This must be purchased before it can be deployed.

Select the car you wish to add Nitrous to from the "Garage" section of "Drag Racer V3."

Go to "Store," select "Parts," and click the arrow next to "Performance Parts."

Choose "Nitrous." Click "Nitrous Kit" and choose "Buy."

Click "Showoff," "Race" or "Tourneys" to take your car to the track. Wait for the green light then hit "Space" to start your car.

Press and hold "N" to deploy the Nitrous for a sharp boost to your car's speed.


If you don&#039;t have enough money for the Nitrous Kit, click "Race" and win a few races first, in order to build up funds. The opening races are easy enough that an entry-level car can win them with little challenge.