How to Copy a DVD to an XBox Hard Drive

By Kenrick Callwood

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • "Modded" Xbox console

  • Custom Xbox dashboard

  • FTP program

  • DVD disc

Copying DVD discs directly to the Xbox hard drive further protects your media collection.
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DVD movies and video games are easily scratched, leaving them unreadable and useless. Copying DVD movies and games directly to an Xbox hard drive ensures that a working copy will always be available. The process requires a "modded" console and third party software, but is simple to manage after the initial setup.

Install DVD2Xbox

Download the latest version of DVD2Xbox to the PC desktop (see Resources).

Create a new folder on the PC desktop called DVD2Xbox.

Double-click on the downloaded DVD2Xbox file and drag the file folders to the DVD2Xbox folder on the desktop.

Open an FTP program and create a connection between the PC and the console.

Drag the DVD2Xbox folder from the desktop in the left pane of the FTP program into the "apps" folder on the Xbox console located in the right pane.

Copy a DVD

Start the Xbox console and navigate to the custom dashboard if necessary.

Insert the DVD disc into the console.

Navigate to "apps" from the available options and select DVD2Xbox. Select "Settings" and enable the E, F and G drives. Press the "Back" button to save the new settings and return to the main menu.

Press "Copy DVD/CD-R to HDD" and press the "A" button. Confirm that the disc is detected and press the "Start" button to begin the copy process.