How to Transfer Music to My iPhone Without iTunes

By Chris Brake

Updated September 28, 2017

For iPhone users who are tired of using iTunes to sync files from the computer to the iPhone, there are other software programs available. Many programs that claim to be able to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone without using iTunes actually still require iTunes to be installed on the computer. But CopyTrans Manager, Music to iPhone 3GS and PhoneView will all allow users to transfer music from the computer onto an iPhone device without using iTunes at all.

Download CopyTrans Manager and extract the program files. There is no installation required. Run CopyTrans Manager and drag and drop songs from the computer into the CopyTrans Manager track listing on the main program screen. Or click on "Add Track" from the main program screen, select the audio tracks to add and click "Open" to add music to the iPhone.

Download and install Music to iPhone 3GS. The program is offered as a free limited trial version. Run Music to iPhone 3GS and connect the iPhone to the computer. The program will automatically recognize the iPhone and show it in the iPhone list. Open the library on the iPhone where the files will be imported to. Click "File," select "Add Files to List" and then select the files from the computer to be transferred to the iPhone.

Download and install PhoneView. Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Close iTunes if it automatically launches, then run PhoneView. Click the "Copy to iPhone" button at the top of the program window to launch the file chooser. Choose one or more files, or folders, and then click the "Select" button. The selected files will be copied to the iPhone into the folder that is currently selected. Files can also be transferred to the iPhone by dragging and dropping them directly from the computer and into the PhoneView browser.