How to Update the Xbox 360 Media Player

By Carter McBride

Updated September 22, 2017

Microsoft provides updates for the Xbox 360.
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The Xbox 360 is constantly being updated, and the updates become available over time. To update Microsoft Xbox's media player, you only need to update the Xbox 360. There are two methods to update the Xbox 360. You can update via a flash drive or over Microsoft Live. Completing these updates will keep the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 media player up to date.

Xbox Live

Turn on the Xbox 360.

Sign into Xbox Live.

Click "Yes" if Xbox Live prompts you to update your system.

Flash Drive

Plug the USB drive into your computer.

Download the update from Microsoft (see link in References) and unzip the file.

Copy the unzipped files onto the USB drive.

Turn off the Xbox 360 and remove the flash drive from the computer, then plug the flash drive into the Xbox 360.

Turn the Xbox 360 on, then select "Yes" as the update automatically starts.