How to Change Players on Your Wii System

By Alexis Lawrence

Updated September 22, 2017

When you first set up your Wii system, you are prompted to create Wii players, or Miis, to use in game play. The Wii system provides a number of possible facial characteristics so that you can design the Mii to your liking. If you change your mind though, and you want to alter the appearance of your Mii player, the Wii system provides the tools to do that too.

Turn on your TV and power on your Wii system by pressing the power button on the console or the power button on a Wii Remote. The Wii automatically comes up with the main Wii Channel menu displayed on the screen.

Move the hand pointer over the "Mii Channel" option on the screen and press the “A” button on the Wii remote. The screen displays the Mii world, with all of the Miis you and others have created on your system roaming around it.

Move the hand pointer on the screen to the “Edit Mii” button, which shows a smiley face and a speech bubble with an eye in it. Press “A” to make the “Edit Mii” button active.

Hold the hand pointer over the Mii that you want to change. Press and hold down both the “A” and “B” buttons on the Wii Remote to pick up the Mii. Move the Mii over to the “Edit Mii” button and release the buttons on the Wii Remote to open the Mii editor tool.

Click any button at the top of the Mii editor tool to see the available facial features for the Mii. Change the shape of the face, the hair color, eyes, nose, mouth and other attributes of the Mii by clicking any of the options that appear in that category.

Hover the hand pointer over the “Quit” button, and press "A" on the Wii Remote. Choose “Save and Quit” from the list of options that appear. Enter a new nickname for the Mii if you want, and click the “OK” button to save the changes.