How to Print a Panoramic Photo

By Joe Turner

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Printer

  • Paper roll (compatible with printer)

  • PhotoShop (or other photo editing software)

Panoramic prints can be stunning when printed and used for high-impact interior decorating.
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Panoramic images can be stunning. Panoramic photographs have a greater visual impact because of their size, therefore they can be a great decorative feature. You may decide to print your panorama at home to save money, or if you want the photo straight away. Though the dimensions differ drastically from the usual printed image, even desktop printers can produce panoramic images. By using a paper roll, you can produce a high-quality panoramic print with minimum effort.

How to Print a Panoramic Photo

Buy a roll of high-quality photo paper. Before making a purchase, check the specifications of your printer to ensure you are buying a roll that is compatible with your printer. These rolls can easily be found online from sites such as Photo Paper Direct and Amazon.

Attach the roll holders to either side of your roll and hook the holder onto the back of your printer. Carefully feed the paper into the back of the printer until you see the paper catch on the roller. At that point, the printer should automatically set itself into the correct starting position.

Prepare your image to print. Open the panoramic image in an image editor such as PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro or another photo editing program. Call up the window to edit the image's size. Adjust the width to your desired size, for example a 100-centimeter width will give you a 1-meter-long panorama. Once you have changed the width, the program should edit the height automatically. To avoid distorting the image do not adjust both the width and the height yourself. However, take care not to let the height exceed 21 centimeters—the maximum size most desktop printers can handle. Rotate your image to a portrait position before you adjust the print settings.

Adjust the print settings. Call up the print properties window, usually found in the file menu. Under paper options, change the source from sheet to roll and select “Cut Sheet” mode. Select the type of paper you are using, for example, High Quality Glossy. Change the size option to user defined, then name your size and input the specific dimensions. Save your newly created print size as a preset for future use.

Edit other print options. Select the highest quality print option for the best result. Remember to check your ink levels, as a large panorama printed at high quality can use up a lot of ink. If you are low on ink, replace it before you try to print. Finally, choose “Portrait” for the image orientation.

Print your image. This could take some time, so be patient and avoid pulling or touching the image as it is printed.