How to Troubleshoot a Korg Triton

By Chris Anzalone

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Instrument cables

  • Studio monitors

The Korg Triton series is a line of music workstations released between 1999 and 2007, offering musicians the ability to record and save music, manipulate sounds with an array of classic synthesizer functions and transfer notation between other digital modules. While some models contain more features than others, each Triton contains the same basic interface. If you find that certain functions fail to perform correctly, you can often resolve the problem with just a few simple adjustments.

Korg Triton Has No Sound

Check your outputs. The Triton contains no internal speakers and therefore requires an amplifier, monitor headphones or studio monitors in order to generate sound. Ensure that your monitors or other devices are plugged in properly via the "Audio Output" ports on the back of the device. If connecting with just a single cable, such as a pair of headphones, make sure to insert the plug into the "Mono" port.

Check your volume fader on the left side of the main panel. If the fader appears at the bottom of the volume track, slide it up toward the center or top to restore sound.

Click the "Global" button on the front of the device to access the "Global Preferences" on your screen. Use the value dial (the circular wheel to the right of the screen) and the arrow buttons to navigate the options on your screen, and select the "MIDI" option. Then select "Local Control On" if it appears off. In some cases, an absence of sound results from MIDI preferences that prevent the keyboard from being used as an audio controller.

Screen Appears Faint or Unreadable

Click the "Exit" button three times and then click the "Global" button.

Click and hold the "Exit" button and press "Rec/Write."

Turn the value dial clockwise to brighten the LCD screen. If the screen becomes too bright, move it counterclockwise until you achieve just the right amount of illumination. Click the value dial when you finish.

Triton Will Not Record

Click the "Global" button and select "MIDI" from the LCD menu.

Select "MIDI Clock" and check the option that reads "Internal."

Click the "Seq" button to bring your Triton into sequencer mode, enabling audio recording.

Click the "Rec/Write" button to begin your recording sequence.


If your Triton fails to turn on, check to make sure that power connector cable is attached firmly to the back of the device.

If your Triton fails to transmit MIDI to a secondary device, make sure your MIDI cable is attached to the "MIDI Out" port on your Triton and to the "MIDI In" port on your other module.