How to Cut the Volume Down on Wii

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii has an internal speaker located within the Wii remote. Some games utilize this speaker more often than others. If the Wii system volume is too loud, you can easily adjust the volume to bring it to a more comfortable level. This is performed through the Wii's system menu. If you want to adjust the primary volume of your game, simply press the "Down" button on your television's volume control.

Power your Nintendo Wii on and wait for the main menu to appear.

Press the "Home" button (house icon) on the Wii Remote. Use the directional pad to select "Wii Remote Settings." Press the "A" button to enter the menu.

Select "Volume" with the directional pad. Here you'll see a "+" and "--" symbol. Between the symbols, you'll see the volume level bar.

Select "--" with the directional pad. Press "A" to reduce the system volume. Each time you do so, you'll see the volume level bar reduce. Select a volume you are comfortable with, and then select "Close" to exit the menu.