How to Export a Track From Korg D3200 to PC

By Greg Lindberg

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Korg D3200

  • USB drive

  • PC

The Korg D3200 is a digital device for recording multiple instrument and vocal tracks for a song. A single project simultaneously can contain 32 tracks and record 12 tracks. The recorder also includes a 44-channel mixer, four-band equalizer, built-in high-quality effects and an 80-gigabyte (GB) hard drive. You easily can export your tracks to a PC computer using a USB drive that directly connects to the digital recorder.

Press the “REW” button on your Korg D3200 to rewind the track you want to export. Press the “STORE” button and the press the “LOC1/IN” button.

Play the song all the way to the end by pressing the “PLAY” button and then press the “STORE” button again. Press the “LOC2/OUT” button and then press the “TRACK” button.

Use the dial to select the “Track Edit” tab from the display screen, and then select the folder that contains your track below the “CopyTrk” field. Select the track you want to export.

Insert a USB drive into the USB port located on the back of the device. Select the “USB” option below the “CopyTrk” field located to the right of the display, and then select the “Clip” option.

Select the “Exec” option and then select the “Export” tab. Select the “Drive” option and select the “USB partition” option. Select the “Yes” option.

Click on the “Exec” button and then select the “Yes” option. The track will then be exported to the USB drive.

Remove the USB from the Korg D3200 and insert it into the USB drive of your computer. Open the USB drive and drag the audio track to the desktop of your computer.