How to Burn a PSP UMD

by Joshua BaileyUpdated September 22, 2017
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Items you will need

  • USB cable

  • UMD PSP game

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) uses the universal media disc (UMD) as its gaming medium, but you can copy the the game disc to your computer and back onto your PSP memory stick. This means you can play full-length PSP games from your memory stick without ever needing to use your UMDs, keeping the UMD's from getting damaged by using the digital backups of them instead.

Turn your PSP on and press the Select button to bring up the visual shell menu. Select USB Device until it reads "UMD Drive." Insert your PSP game disc into the PSP drive.

Connect your PSP to your computer with the USB cable and select USB Connection from the PSP main menu. A window will appear on the computer screen, and you will see a single ISO file. This is the game file on the UMD.

Right-click the ISO file and click Copy. Right-click an area on your computer desktop and click Paste to rip a copy of the game to your computer. Disconnect the PSP when the transfer completes. Remove the UMD from the PSP drive.

Press the Select button on the PSP again and the visual shell menu will appear. Select USB Device until it reads "Memory Stick." Connect your PSP to your computer again and select USB Connection. This time when the window appears on the computer, you will see the files and folders on the PSP memory stick.

Right-click the ISO file on your desktop and select Copy. Right-click the ISO folder on your PSP memory stick and click Paste to burn the UMD ISO file onto your PSP memory stick. When the process completes, disconnect your PSP from your computer.

Browse through the PSP menu and you will now see the game in the game section. Select it with the X button and the game will start without any UMD in the PSP disc drive.


Use only your legally purchased PSP games to make backups.


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