How to Make Your Own Monogram Online

By Caroline Baldwin

Updated September 22, 2017

A woman is using her laptop at home.
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Monograms can be used to personalize clothing, stationary, household items and much more. Creating a monogram for an individual or a couple can be accomplished simply online. Digital embroidery machines are made to download the designs and stitch them onto soft goods. Monograms can also be made online for printed materials with a few keystrokes.

Embroidered Monograms

Select a monogram font from an online embroidery design site, such as The Itch 2 Stitch or 8 Claws and a Paw Embroidery. Choose a monogram font or alphabet for your project. Select the correct file format for your embroidery machine and download the font or alphabet. Open the files in your embroidery software. Select your monogram letters. Size the letters to your needs for your project. Save the file and download to your digital embroidery machine.

Printed Monograms

Visit a monogram wizard site, such as Printable Monagram or DesignMantic. Input your initials into the site. Select the style of font that suits your needs. Some sites offer specialized backgrounds, such as chevron and quatrefoil. Download the file. Most sites give you an image file (JPEG, TIF or PNG). You can place the monogram on invitations, websites and social media pages, and you can even use it to design a wedding cake topper.

Monogram Ettiquette

For a personal monogram, you should place the first letter of the first name on the left, the first letter of the last name in the middle and the first letter of the middle name on the right, according to the Etiquette School of Ohio in its website post "Monogram Etiquette – Married Couples." For a couple’s monogram, place the first letter of the wife’s first name on the left, the first letter of the couple’s last name in the middle and the first letter of the husband’s first name on the right. Engaged couples should refrain from using the combined monogram until the wedding ceremony.

Microsoft Word Monograms with Downloaded Fonts

Create a monogram in Microsoft Word by downloading a monogram font from free font sites, such as Fonts 2 U. Install the font on your computer according to the computer’s instructions. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document. Select “Insert Text Box” and create a large text box in the middle of the page. Type the last name initial using the monogram font. Use a large font size, such as 200-250. Click format and under shape fill, choose “no fill.” This will eliminate the background. Make text boxes for the other two initials and follow the same process. Adjust as needed. Save the file and start personalizing. If you don't use Word but your word processing software uses true-type fonts, you can use the fonts from the free font sites and follow a similar layout process that works with your software.