How to Redeem Movie Tickets

By Monica Patrick

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Ticket print-out or gift card

  • Identification

  • Credit card

Give yourself more time for the concession stand by purchasing tickets online.
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Pre-purchasing movie tickets may keep you from standing in the ticket line, but for people unfamiliar with virtual ticket buying, redeeming movie tickets may be confusing. Besides the traditional movie tickets bought in person at the box office, your movie admission can be gained with gift cards or printed confirmation of a ticket bought online. If you have received a movie ticket as a gift or bought it through an online ticket dealer, you will need to redeem them. Learn how to redeem your tickets so you can use them without missing the big premiere or losing your ticket value.

Online Purchasing

Go to your favorite online movie ticket website. Scroll through the available titles.

Select the movie time and number of tickets you would like to purchase.

Type in your zip code in the zip code search box. Click on the “Enter” button. Select the movie theater you prefer.

Follow the prompts to purchase your tickets. This process will require a current credit card.

Print the tickets using your home printer.

Take the printed confirmation to the ticket counter of the box office. Show your identification card or credit card that you used in your online purchase as proof of your purchase. The counter worker will issue your tickets. Take the tickets to the admission line, and enter the movie.

Movie Gift Cards

Take your movie gift card to the box office gift counter.

Tell the counter worker which movie you would like to see and how many tickets you need. Select a movie time, too.

Take the newly issued tickets to the admission line.