How to Add Album Art to a CD

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Looking at album art can make the music feel more authentic on an MP3 player.
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Adding album art to CDs gives them individual flair. When playing a song in an MP3 player or on a portable audio device, there's usually an option to view the album art. When the art is missing, or if its an original song and no artwork was created, there will be a blank space. Luckily, adding artwork to a CD is an easy process using Online image libraries. If you've burned a CD yourself, make your own artwork, print it on a label and apply it to the CD.

Adding Digital Album Art

Search for the album artwork on various websites. There are a number of online options that allow users to search for and download high quality versions of the album artwork.

Download the artwork. If you're not aware of the album title, search for the song title. Occasionally there are several albums with a specific song, so you will have to decide which album cover to download.

Launch the MP3 program. Ideally, this will be the same program that you use to sync with your MP3 player. The MP3 player will display the same artwork.

Play the song in the MP3 program and look to the album art box (in a tray on the side of the screen). Take the album art file and drag it to the box featuring the empty album art. It should appear in the album art box and be permanently attached to the file.

Printing a CD Label

Purchase CD label adhesives. These are circular stickers in the shape of a CD that can be printed on most home printers (check your printer manual). Most office supply stores will have the label adhesives.

Search Online for the printing template for the CD labels you purchased. Look specifically for the brand name and any specific model number. The template will be a word processing document that has the outlines of the CD labels. Download the template and open it. Some CD labels may come with a disc that has the template preloaded onto it. Look for this disc before searching Online for a template.

Type text or insert pictures into the template. Make sure that the text and pictures are at least a 1/2 inch away from the predefined template lines. Also, keeping the text centered will make the label look better.

Insert the CD labels into the printer's manual feed and print the template. Make sure the printer is set to take paper from the manual feed.

Peel off the printed label and carefully attach it to the front of the CD (non-burned side) so that it is even all around.