How to Design an HTML Email in InDesign

By Joshua Laud

Updated September 28, 2017

i Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

Adobe InDesign, part of the Adobe Creative Suite, is a commonly used publishing design tool. It is primarily used to design newspapers, magazines and other professional documents, but also can be used for other tasks. Most Adobe products, InDesign included, have the ability to export designs to HTML formats. HTML documents can then be used for email by copying the HTML code into an email client. The following steps show how to design an HTML email in InDesign,

Open InDesign. Click "Start," "All Programs," then click "Adobe InDesign" (it might be in the "Adobe Creative Suite" folder, depending on the version). Click to create a "New Blank Document."

Begin designing the HTML email. Use InDesign's text boxes and formatting to create the desired email.

Type the email message into the main text of the document layout.

Exercise care when using images. HTML emails typically can link only to external images, so any image placement must be linked to a web version of the image. Linking images on your computer will not work.

Click "File," then "Export for Dreamweaver" (or "Export to HTML," depending on the version of InDesign) when finished with the email design. Choose a temporary location on your computer to place the HTML file, then click "Save."

Click "Selection" or "Document," depending on what you wish to export. Click "Images" if you have designed a document with images. Click the "Copy Images" drop-down menu and choose "Link to Server Path." Then click "Export" to finish the HTML email design process.