How to Download QuickTime MP3 Files

By Adina Efron

Updated September 22, 2017

Downloading the MP3 file will get it from your laptop to your MP3 player in no time.
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QuickTime Player is a free software program for Windows and Mac that allows you to listen to audio files and watch videos on the Web. Some websites include embedded MP3s that can be played using the QuickTime plugin. When you click on the song link, the QuickTime plugin plays back the music in the browser. However, you may also download the MP3 file to your hard drive, allowing for convenient playback in iTunes, Windows Media Player or other MP3 players.

Using Firefox for Mac or PC

Ctrl click (Mac) or right-click (PC) the link and then select "Save Link as...."

Choose the folder in which to save the MP3 file, using the dialog box. For example, you may choose to save the file on the desktop or in Music/iTunes/iTunes music.

Navigate to the location where you saved the MP3 file. Double-click the file to open it in your media player.

Using Safari for Mac

Ctrl click the link and select "Download Linked File."

Double-click the file on your desktop in order to open it in iTunes.

Ctrl click the link and select "Download Linked File As" if you prefer to save the file directly to the Music/iTunes/iTunes music folder on your hard drive. Then use Finder to navigate to the MP3 file and double-click it to open in iTunes.

Using Internet Explorer for PC

Right-click on the MP3 link. Select "Save target as..."

Save the file to the desired location on the hard drive using the dialog box.

Navigate to the location of the file and double-click to open it in the media player.