How to Remove Vocals From an MP3 Song

By Sean Farmer

Updated September 22, 2017

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Removing the vocals from a song can be useful for many reasons, such as making karaoke CDs or DJ remixing. Excluding the vocals from a song, however, can be a slight challenge. Songs taken from a CD or downloaded are composed of a single file, encrypted and compressed into another format (e.g., mp3, wma, etc.). This means that both the vocals and instruments are on the same track. To remove the vocals from the track, special software needs to be used, such as Wavosaur.

Download and install Wavosaur. Once installed, open Wavosaur.

Open the mp3 file you wish to remove the vocals from by by going to "File > Open." In the pop-up box, locate and select the mp3. Once selected, click "Open."

Click "Processing" in the main menu bar. Under the Processing drop-down menu, select "vocal remover".

Save the file by going to "File > Save."