How to Open the Xbox 360 Disc Drive With the Controller

By John Inglewood

Updated September 22, 2017

Users can open the Xbox 360 disc drive without getting off the couch.
i Compact disc in Drive image by Edward Stephens from <a href=''></a>

Like other modern video game systems, Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console has many features that allow gamers to more conveniently use the system. For example, gamers can use the Xbox 360's controller to turn on the system or send messages. One especially popular function is the ability to open the Xbox 360's disc drive using the Xbox 360 controller.

Connect the Xbox 360 controller that you want to use to the Xbox 360 and turn on the Xbox 360.

Scroll to the "My Xbox" option on the Xbox 360's main menu.

Press the "A" button. This will immediately open the Xbox 360 disc drive. If a game is already in the Xbox 360, you will need to press the "X" button instead.