How to Convert Any WAV to PCM Format

by Brian JacksonUpdated September 28, 2017
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WAV and PCM files are both digital audio files. WAV files are more commonly used by Windows-based computers and can contain either compressed audio or uncompressed audio. A PCM file is used for uncompressed audio only, in its raw form. A conversion from WAV to PCM can be accomplished with software packaged with Microsoft Windows XP. This will result in a larger file size, but it can't boost the quality merely by performing the conversion.

Launch "Sound Recorder" by clicking on the "Start" menu, selecting "All Programs," then "Accessories," then "Entertainment" and clicking on "Sound Recorder."

Click on "File" along the top menu bar and "Open." Navigate your disk drive and find the WAV file you want to convert. Double-click it.

Click "File" and then "Save as". Under the "Format" label, click "Change" towards the bottom of the window. Choose "PCM" from the menu and any other options you'd like.

Click the "OK" button and then "Save". The conversion will complete in a few moments or a few minutes depending on the file size.


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