How to Fix a Computer Screen Back to Normal View

By Faith Alessio

Updated September 28, 2017

Themes personalize your computer.
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Themes customize various aspects of your computer such as desktop background, screen saver, and menu bar color. Desktop icons can also be personalized from the control panel. However, Windows also provides a way to restore the default display settings without having to reset your hard drive.

Open the Start Menu and click on the "Control Panel" icon. Open the "Appearance and Themes" category, and then click on "Display." This opens the Display Properties windows.

Click on the drop menu labeled "Theme." From the menu, select the default theme. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the Display Properties window.

Click on the tab labeled "Desktop" along the top of the Display Properties window. Click the "Customize Desktop" button located underneath the "Background" menu. The Desktop Items window will pop up.

Click on the "Restore Default" button near the center left of the Desktop Items window. This will set all of your desktop icons back to their default settings.