How to Convert Guitar Pro Files to MIDI

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 28, 2017

Guitar Pro is designed to write music tablature for fretted instruments, such as the guitar.
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Guitar Pro is primarily designed to create music tablature for guitar, bass and similar fretted instruments. In addition, it also allows the user to transcribe drum tablature and standard music notation. A MIDI file is a standard format used to tell synthesizers when and what notes it should play, similar to tablature and music notation. Guitar Pro allows the user to convert Guitar Pro files into MIDI files. The MIDI file can then be loaded into a synthesizer to play the track written in Guitar Pro.

Open the Guitar Pro file in Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro files have an extension based on what version of the program was used to create the file. A .gp5 file was written in Guitar Pro 5, while a .gp3 file was written in Guitar Pro 3. Each version of the program can load files written in any previous version of the program.

Mute any tracks on the Guitar Pro file that should not be converted into the MIDI file. Click the “M” box next to the track name in the bottom half of the screen to mute a track. A red “M” in the box indicates it is muted.

Highlight “Export” under the “File” menu. A submenu will appear.

Select “MIDI…” from the submenu. A file save prompt will be displayed.

Enter the name for the MIDI file to be saved under into the save prompt.

Press the “OK” button. Guitar Pro will convert the Guitar Pro file into a MIDI file under the name entered into the prompt. This file can be loaded into any program or synthesizer that accepts MIDI files.


Some versions of Guitar Pro have a feature called the Realistic Sound Engine (RSE). Most synthesizers do not accurately create sounds for certain instruments, such as the guitar or bass. The RSE is included with Guitar Pro to give a better sounding playback for those instruments. Expect a downgrade in the sound quality of the MIDI file compared to the playback of the Guitar Pro file using the RSE. MIDI files do not contain sound data, only note data. The sound quality of MIDI file playback is based solely on the quality of the synthesizer being used to play it.