How to Use an XBox 360 Steering Wheel With an XBox

By Allison Westbrook

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox 360

  • Xbox 360 steering wheel

Video game consoles come with many types of controllers and accessories.
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The Xbox 360 gaming console accomodates many accessories to enhance the gaming experience. For games that involve driving or racing, a specialized Xbox 360 steering wheel is available. While the original Xbox 360 gaming controller works on all of these video games, the steering wheel controller provides a more realistic gaming experience.

Connect the pedal base that comes with the Xbox 360 steering wheel to the racing wheel with the RJ-11 cable that is included in the Xbox 360 steering wheel set. Insert it in the port on the pedal base and the port on the racing wheel.

Insert two new alkaline AA batteries into the battery pack located on the back of the Xbox 360 steering wheel. If you don't have batteries, plug the wheel into an electrical outlet using the AC adapter included with the steering wheel. Keep in mind that you will not experience force feedback and vibrations from in-game collisions if you choose to use a battery pack as your power source.

Depress the center Xbox guide button for three seconds to turn on the wheel. Turn on the Xbox 360 gaming console you wish to use with the steering wheel. Press the connect button located on the console next to the power button, followed by the connect button located on the steering wheel.

Open the DVD/game drive on the console. Insert a driving or racing game. Use the buttons X, Y, A and B on the center of the steering wheel the same as you would an original Xbox 360 controller to navigate the start-up screens.