How to Play Copied XBox 360 Games

by Edmund LukavicsUpdated September 22, 2017
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The Xbox 360 gaming system allows you to play video games, music, and movies. There are two methods available to access and play video games on the Xbox 360. You can choose to play games directly from the disks they are manufactored on or directly from the system's hard drive. Playing a game copied to your Xbox 360's hard drive helps to eliminate fan noise, speed up load times and extend the life of your gaming system.

Copy a game to the hard drive

Place the disc for the game you want to copy into the Xbox 360.

Go to the "My Xbox" menu located in the "Xbox Dashboard."

Choose the game you want to copy and press "Y" on the Xbox 360 controller.

Choose "Install to Hard Drive."

Play a game from the hard drive

Insert the disc for a game that is copied to the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Go to the "My Xbox" menu located in the "Xbox Dashboard."

Select the game from the "My Xbox" menu. The Xbox 360 will automatically play the game from the hard drive it is installed on.


The game disc must be in the disc drive or you will not be able to play the copied game. This limitation is used to combat piracy.

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