How to Win Franks Adventure 3

By Thomas McNish

Updated September 22, 2017

Have some fun and play the adult-themed "Frank's Adventure 3."
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"Frank's Adventure 3" is the third installment of the Frank's Adventure online game series. In this edition of the game, aliens kidnap Frank and force him to obtain both hardcore and software anime pornography for them. Although the game graphics are tame, the content surrounding the game's storyline and missions are very adult-oriented, and include themes of drugs, sex and violence. If you've been playing "Frank's Adventure 3,' but can't figure out how to beat it, don't worry. There's a specific plan of action you can take that will ensure you finish the game.

Go to the fishing supplies shop in East Town (across the bridge) and purchase a fishing pole and the most expensive bait.

Go to the area where you rent yachts, but don't talk to the woman who's renting yachts, just begin fishing. Catch five to seven of the big blue and yellow fish, then take them to Kirby's Diner. Sell all but one of the fish to Kirby, having him make the last one into a meal.

Meet up with Wilma on the corner, give her the meal Kirby made you, and buy two grams of cocaine from her. She should reward you with a picture.

Give one gram of cocaine that you obtained from Wilma to the girl on the bridge. You'll be rewarded with your second picture.

Return to the Dolphin Show Pool and fish until you obtain a bracelet. Return the bracelet to the girl who lost it and receive another picture.

Give your remaining gram of cocaine to the girl on the beach to obtain your fourth picture.

Return to the yacht area and rent a yacht from the woman. Take your yacht out to the island and retrieve the shovel and herbs. Return to the mainland when you're finished.

Head over to the cemetery and dig up the dead cat. Once you obtain the cat, make your way over to the voodoo shop. Give the lady in the store the herbs you got from the island and the cat you just dug up.

Go to the arcade and find the girl who lost her cat. Give her the living cat you just got from the voodoo shop and you'll get your fifth picture.

Play the monkey game in the arcade to get the last picture. You'll have to score 100,000 points, which make take a few tries, but once you get the final picture, go back to the beach by the voodoo shop.

Find the stone statue on the beach and punch it in the right eye. This will upload the pictures to the aliens, where they will then reward you with a penis enlargement. Congratulations, you beat the game.