How to Test an Xbox Live Connection Speed

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

A slow Internet connection can hamper play on Xbox Live.
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Xbox Live for the Xbox 360 game console offers numerous features that enhance the gaming experience, including multiplayer online games, downloadable arcade games and additional content for purchased games. Problems with your Internet connection can result in lagging or slowed game play and interruptions when viewing streaming videos or downloading content. The Xbox 360 dashboard includes an option for checking the strength of your Internet connection that can be used for both wired and wireless networks.

Turn on your Xbox 360 console and highlight the "My Xbox" tab.

Press to the right on the left control stick or the directional pad to reach the "System Settings" tab. Press the "A" button.

Press down on the left control stick or directional pad to highlight "Network Settings." Press the "A" button.

Scroll down to "Test Xbox Live Connection" and press the "A" button.

Highlight "Yes" and press the "A" button to sign out from Xbox Live and begin the connection test.


Avoid browsing the Internet or downloading files on your computer when using Xbox Live, as this can reduce bandwidth and affect game performance.

If you're experiencing connection issues when using Xbox Live with a wireless network, you can connect your Xbox 360 directly to your modem or router to see if this improves performance.