How to Make Beats Using Audacity

By Doug Mitchell

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Audacity software

Create beats on Audacity.
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Audacity is a music production program that makes it possible for you to manipulate and edit digital audio. Along with having Duplicate and Split audio options, Audacity also allows you to use VST plug-in effects as well as customize the track view to your choice. Audio formats such as WAV, MP3 and AIFF are fully supported by the Audacity interface. While Audacity can display MIDI tracks, it won't allow you to edit or save them. Creating beats can be done by configuring audio loops side by side to form a composition.

Open the program or download the free version of Audacity at the online site.

Click "File" from the top toolbar, then select "New" to create a blank audio track(s). Select the "View" option from the top toolbars and select the view you wish to use; use the "Fit in Window" option to see all of the tracks and production controls at once.

Import the audio loops by selecting "Import Audio" from the "Project" tab at the top. Download free loops online and import them, if you don't already have them. Arrange the "Drum" loops on track one, if you are using them. Copy and paste the drum loops side by side by clicking the loop sample then right-clicking and selecting copy. Paste the samples next to each other by dragging the selected sample(s) to the right of the previous sample.

Click the "File" then "New" to create up to 5 more blank tracks. Highlight all drum samples on track one and copy and paste them to track 2. Adjust the volume on track one by using the "Gain" slider located on the left of the track. Adjust the volume between 75-80 for track one and between 40-55 for track 2.

Move down to track 3 and drop and drag another instrument sample to the track interface. Line the sample up so it blends with the drums on tracks one and two. Copy and paste the samples on track 3 as you did on the previous tracks above it. Press "Play" to preview the beat, then set the volume between 55-60.

Skip down to track 4 and drag another instrument loop to the track interface. Align and copy and paste the samples so they blend with all other instruments on the tracks above it. Set the volume between 50-55 and set the "Pan" function, which is located below the "Gain" button, all the way to the left.

Drag another selected loop sample to track 5 and follow the same steps as listed above for previous samples. Set the volume between 50-55 and set the "Pan" function all the way to the right. Preview the beat before you save it by pressing the "Play" button. Save the beat by selecting "File" from the top toolbar then "Save Project".