My PS2 Memory Card Won't Save

By Perry Piekarski

Updated September 22, 2017

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If your Sony PlayStation 2 memory card won't save, don't give up just yet; there's a chance that your problem isn't all that serious. A PS2 memory card that won't save might be the result of a small problem that's easy to fix. Improper insertion, lack of capacity and even having the memory card in the wrong memory card slot can all play a part in preventing you from saving your game. Troubleshooting a PS2 memory card is easy and takes only about 10 minutes.

Power off the PlayStation 2 and remove the memory card from the memory card slot.

Examine the memory card slot for any obstructions and carefully check the memory card for anything that may be inhibiting the connection to the console, such as dust, dirt or grime. Use a can of compressed air to clean the memory card connectors and the memory card slot if there's an excessive amount of dust, spraying in short bursts.

Slide the memory card into the memory card slot, pushing firmly to make sure it's connected completely.

Power on the PlayStation 2 with the disc tray open.

Select "Browser" and choose the memory card from the browser menu.

Compare the amount of free space on the memory card to the space requirements printed on the back of the game box. If there's not enough space to save a game, it won't be able to save. Delete a file to clear up space by selecting it with the "X" button and choosing the "Delete" option.

Start the game and try saving, paying attention to the on-screen instructions during the save prompt. Certain games instruct you to keep the memory card in a specific port in order to save. This varies from title to title.


The PlayStation 2 memory card only works on the PlayStation 2 console with PlayStation 2 titles. Games compatible with PlayStation 2 memory cards have the "Memory Card (for PS2)" designation on the back of the game box.

Certain third-party memory cards may not function properly with the PlayStation 2.


If the memory card still doesn't function, it may need replaced.