How to Set Up Wii Controllers

By Kris Ramsay

Updated September 22, 2017

Nintendo also created the Super NES, Nintendo DS and Gameboy playing consoles.
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The Nintendo Wii has revolutionized gaming consoles. From the dawn of Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo has been a staple in the gaming world. The innovation of the Nintendo Wii is only outdone by its game play. Using the Wii controller you will find yourself controlling classic characters such as Mario or playing tennis with your friends in Wii Sports. The unique controller requires you to actually move your hand, arm and body depending on how involved or active you want to be.

Open the Wii remote and place two AA batteries as indicated. Replace the back cover.

Detach the face of the Wii console exposing the "Sync" button.

Press the "Sync" button on the console and on the Wii remote. It will take a few seconds for the controller and console to sync. When it is in progress, the remote will flash blue LED.

When the LED stops flashing, this indicates the controller is synced and set up. The controller is now ready for use.


Wear the strap when using the Wii controller as it may slip out of your hand in use.