How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset to an Xbox 360

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Use your Bluetooth headset with your Xbox.
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The Microsoft Xbox 360 comes packaged with a headset that plugs into your console's controller, allowing semi-wireless gaming. However the sound quality is less than crystal clear. While Xbox 360 doesn't support internal Bluetooth, a headset can still be connected to the console by connecting a Bluetooth receiver to the headphone jack of your controller. This allows truly wireless communication during your gaming, with all the sound quality your headset allows.

Connect the audio jack of your Bluetooth receiver to the headphone jack of your Xbox 360 controller.

Turn on the receiver and press the "Connect" button on your headset.

Insert the headset into your ear and turn the system on. Launch a game that allows voice communication.

Begin play in the game's "Online" or "Multiplayer" mode and speak into your Bluetooth headset to send and hear voice communications.


Depending on the design of your Bluetooth receiver, you may prefer to clip or fasten it onto your controller or sleeve so it doesn't get in the way during play.