How to Adjust Convergence on a Mitsubishi Rear Projection Television

by Darrin MeyerUpdated September 28, 2017
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Before the development of LCD and plasma screen televisions, Mitsubishi and other manufacturers used rear-projection as the display method of choice for large-screen TVs. These sets made use of three separate color tubes (red, blue and green), which combined to create the color of the picture on the screen. These tubes could fall out of alignment, causing a rainbow or "ghosting" effect. With Mitsubishi TVs, as with the other brands, the tubes can be brought back into alignment by accessing the convergence feature in the menu settings.

Simple Convergence

Turn on your TV and let it run for 30 minutes or more before beginning the convergence adjustment process. Press the "Menu" button on the remote control to enter the main menu, use the up or down arrow button to move the cursor to "Advanced Features" and press the right arrow button to enter that menu. Move the cursor down to "Convergence" and press the right arrow key to enter the convergence menu.

Press "Adjust" to begin converging the lines. Use the arrow keys to move the red crosshairs shown on-screen until they line up with the fixed green cross. When the crosshairs are aligned, they will appear as a single white cross. Press "Video" to switch to the blue crosshairs to adjust that color.

Press "Menu" to save the changes and return to the previous menu, or "Audio" to move on to the advanced convergence menu to make further adjustments if you choose.

Advanced Convergence

Press "Audio" while in the main convergence menu to bring up the advanced convergence option. Use the arrow keys to move the flashing bracket to any of the 64 points of the on-screen grid that need adjustment, and press "Enter" to select that location.

Use the arrow keys again to move the red line, and press "Video" to switch to the blue. When properly aligned, the lines will again appear as a single white line. Press "Enter" to then move the bracket to another location and repeat the process wherever necessary.

Press "Menu" to save the changes and exit the advanced convergence menu. You may see a message about resetting factory convergence settings; press "Menu" again to save manual changes and exit the convergence menu or press "Enter" to restore default settings. You will see the message "Convergence Completed" when the process is finished.


If your model has different convergence memories for standard-definition and high-definition viewing, enter the convergence menu while the TV is on either of those sources to adjust those specific settings. Consult your owner&#039;s manual or visit Mitsubishi&#039;s support website for further operating instructions for your particular model.


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